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Mary is Retiring! - April 28, 2020

Mary is retiring in May 2020 after 42 years as a Physical Therapist in NM and over 30 years at Carrie Tingley Hospital. Most of her career has been focused on patients from birth to 21 years with injuries, illnesses, chronic medical conditions and developmental disabilities. There have been amazing changes in the field of Physical Therapy and the overall medical/Rehabilitation care of these children.

In the time of the Covid-19 crisis, it has not been possible to treat most of her patients who are vulnerable, medically fragile and at high-risk for complications due to the virus. Mary has spoken to many of the parents, and a few kids, but she is saddened not to be able to properly say good-bye and give some hugs. Hopefully, she can stay in touch or meet them out and about in the community.

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