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2020 has been a tumultuous year for our nation and for the world. New Mexico has been deeply wounded. We have lost lives, livelihoods, businesses, education, and so many opportunities.

Perhaps you've noticed that certain groups of people demand that you be hopeless and fearful. They pit citizens against each other: white versus black, atheist versus those of faith, Hispanic versus Native American, homosexual versus heterosexual, police versus citizens, females versus males, business versus government, wealthy versus middle class, masked versus unmasked, and so on, and so on. It's a tired old tactic to create as much chaos as possible so people will agree to, or at least not notice, their freedoms being taken away in the name of dealing with an emergency. Once declared, the emergency never ends with these folks.

This is where New Mexicans find themselves today. What began as a real emergency is now an unending power grab. You are told that you must be terrified and hopeless and that to be otherwise is irresponsible.


We are New Mexicans! We deal regularly with the Bubonic Plague, you know, that same Plague that smacked down much of Europe in the Middle Ages. We don't have a vaccine. We don't shut down the state. We take precautions and GO ON LIVING.

We regularly deal with the deadly Hautavirus. We have no vaccine. We don't shut down the state. We take precautions and GO ON WITH LIFE.

We didn't know what Covid-19 is. Now we do. We got this. Take precautions and GO ON WITH LIFE. Why are we shut down at all in September?

Plagues are nothing new to us. I believe in the resiliency of New Mexicans.

Most of all, like Mary, I believe in Jesus Christ who gives us the power to overcome overwhelming obstacles. He also heals and delivers.

Despair is not the new normal. Lawlessness is not the new normal. Empty churches are not the new normal. Boarded up businesses are not the new normal. Fear of hugs and handshakes is not the new normal. Children worried about "the virus" is not the new normal.

Hopelessness must absolutely not become the new normal. Please don't surrender your hope. Everything may seem upside-down. This November 3rd we have the opportunity to turn things right-side up again. Hope defies intimidation. Hope is courageous. Hope Votes.

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