My Testimony

One of my greatest concerns is the "Culture of Death" that has taken over the state of New Mexico and has pervaded the USA as well. Millions of babies have been aborted since 1973. Albuquerque now leads the nation in late term abortions. This is a sorrowful detriment and blight on our city, state and nation. God cannot bless us as long as we are allowing these practices.

I believe that God Almighty has urged me to run for this Senate seat, for "such a time as this."  God calls people, like He did with Esther in the Bible, to step out of their comfort zone, and make a sacrifice that they never intended nor wanted to make. My husband of 34 years, Stewart, and I made the decision together, as we always try to do. 

I was the third of seven children and have always loved children. They were and are a magnet to me even now. Growing up,  my heroes were Laura Ingalls Wilder from Little House on the Prairie (since I grew up on the prairies of South Dakota) and Maria from Sound of Music.


As a young adult my choices did not align with the integrity of my heroes.  To hide my sexually impure lifestyle and to not upset my college goals, I chose to have an abortion while I was in Physical Therapy School at UNM.  The abortion was botched, and I had hemorrhaging and an infection that were not treated in a timely fashion. The procedure was redone at the clinic, rather than  transferring me to a hospital. Because of the amount of blood that I had lost, they were afraid to give me any sedative or pain medicines, so it was redone without any pain relief. The procedure was horribly painful, and the only thing that I can hope, is that some other girl heard my screams, ran from that place and saved her baby. 


Time passed, and I put some of the hurt behind me, but I was dealing with a life of lying and covering my sin, a divorce and an ungodly lifestyle.  I suffered for a long time because of my choice and gave up hope of being a Mom and having a good and wholesome life. 

When I was 30 years old, I submitted my life to Jesus Christ, repented from my many sins, and was forgiven and made "as white as snow" in the eyes of God. A massive load of sin, guilt and shame was lifted from my heart and mind and hope in Christ was restored.  


God has been so merciful, kind, and generous to me, by not giving me what I deserved, but rather blessing me abundantly. Unfortunately, there have been many consequences in my life from my choice to have an abortion, including at least 12 miscarriages, a tubal pregnancy that ruptured and other physical problems that may be related to my earlier "choice". God has walked with me through every one. I have tried to share my story with other women, to prevent them from making the same sad choice that I made and to offer them the only hope that any of us have, a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ.

I look at our family's decision to adopt half-brothers whose mother struggled with alcohol and drug abuse. She had 21 children (ours are the19th and 20th). We struggled through many challenges, leaning on God’s help. Even so, I can say that these babies deserved every opportunity to live. Might life have been easier, cheaper, less stressful if their Mom had made the choice to abort them? Maybe, but God does not offer that as a righteous "choice" for us to make. God does not make mistakes, and every person is "fearfully and wonderfully made in God's image" regardless of their flaws and imperfections in our eyes.


Our family has dealt with suicide, jail, courts, homelessness, school failure, and many other problems. The struggles that I have gone through in my life have equipped me to show mercy and compassion to people. God can provide the answers. There is hope and healing that can only come through HIM! Over the years, God's leading and guidance has blessed me with 5 children and 4 grandchildren. I have a rich and full life.